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Our Teachers

Each pure. love. yoga. teacher has been hand chosen for their talent and experience, and their ability to connect to students and create an authentic environment for learning and acceptance. They have studied anatomy, physiology, sequencing, and so much more to ensure you a transformative mat experience.

The Studio

San Clemente yoga studio open 7 days a week offering 57 yoga classes each week, workshops for all levels, community events, yoga and wellness retreats, complete retail offering including clothing, gear, mats and props, and full dressing rooms.

Yoga Classes

Heated and non-heated, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, flight school, soothing yoga, reiki restore, yoga pilates, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and restorative with sound healing — pure. love. yoga. offers yoga classes for beginners and beyond – explore and discover the classes that are right for you!

tree of life pure love yoga san clemente  logo Welcome to pure. love. yoga. where practicing asana is merely the beginning of your journey!


In their own words, pure. love. yoga. students talk about the benefits of yoga, how a life-enriching practice is accessible to everyone, and how yoga can change your perspective

Workshops, retreats, and sweet community events- explore the potential of your practice and where it can take you.

The entire staff of pure. love. yoga. is personally invested in creating a strong, supportive, welcoming community – we invite you to join us!

We are committed to offering the highest quality teachers and yoga experience in Orange County, CA.

Awesomeness!  They offer a variety of class options and styles.  The instructors are all amazing and professional.
Top notch!!

Vennessa F
Vennessa F

LOVE LOVE LOVE gentle yoga class 7 hot hatha AWESOME STUDIO & GREAT INSTRUCTORS !!!!!!

Laura R.
Laura R.

Peaceful, very clean, lots of good people that will support each other, and great instructors, this is what makes this place the best yoga place I have ever been at.

Douglas M.
Douglas M.

The re-do made a good studio a GREAT studio. The roster of excellent teachers and an owner who is by all indications the personification of her choice of names ~ ”Pure.Love.Yoga.” make belonging here the ultimate Yoga experience. ♥

Traci M Lawrence
Traci M Lawrence

When our guides (teachers) can hold space for us the way they do (at pure. love. yoga.), we can receive so much and heal. Power and humility all in one – it’s magical and I am so grateful for it in my world!

Reece B
Reece B